Dr. Raymond L. Legge

Dr. Ray Legge
Professor and Associate Dean of Engineering Graduate Studies and International Agreements, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo


Dr Ray Legge, is an expert in the area of biomimetic engineering whose work has applications in the areas of environmental engineering and green bioprocesses. He applies biological principles and fundamentals to the development of unique approaches and processes for the synthesis of specialty and commodity chemicals, transformation of biomaterials, development of novel materials and to wastewater and water treatment. Dr Ray Legge lab

Based at the University of Waterloo, this Ontario Biomaterials “A-Team” member has an interest in issues related to alternate energy, sustainability and process integration. He works on bioremediation of contaminated soils, wastewater treatment, development of engineering fundamentals for constructed wetlands (treatment of organic wastes and pathogen removal) and the development of separation processes for treatment of waste effluents. Research is also being conducted in the area of bioprocess monitoring and soft sensor development.

Dr Ray Legge labDr. Legge is also an expert in characterization of biofibres (particularly corn and rice straw) and isolation of biological fibres using biological processing approaches. He is also developing  new biocatalysts for industrial use in the transformation of plant oils to sugar esters for use as plant growth regulators, pharmaceutical applications, and surfactants for the food and biodiesel industries.

The end user is key in Legge’s research. He has worked  with several major companies including AMEC, GE Power & Water, , Frito-Lay Canada and Headworks Inc.

As with all members of the A-Team, Dr. Legge works with collaborative teams – both across disciplines at the University of Waterloo, but also with different universities. He has been one of the researchers in the Canadian multidisciplinary bioprocessing based research network funded by NSERC called  MabNet as well as the Ontario BioCar Initiative. He currently has 26 field trials on biomaterials in conjunction with the University of Guelph. Dr Ray Legge lab

In his 26 years at the University of Waterloo he has trained over 38 PhD and masters students, hosted over 25 foreign exchange students and visiting fellows and has supervised more than 80 undergraduate design projects, independent research projects and co-op students. Over his career, he has been involved in research projects that represent over $40 M in terms of total research funding from the private and public sector.

Dr Ray Legge labThe new Ontario Biomaterials “A-Team”, assembled by Ontario Agri-Food Technologies and the Ontario Centres of Excellence is a consortium of leading scientists each with unique skills, expertise and world-class equipment in the development, processing and optimization of biomaterials. They’re the best choice for developing and processing novel and customized biomaterials.

“A-Team” members are eager to work cooperatively with each other and with industry. They are all globally recognized for their scientific expertise. They understand corporate needs - including speed of service, confidentiality and respect for corporate ownership or exclusive access to intellectual property.

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